About Fiberinthebox

Fiberinthebox designs, manufactures, and sells a broad portfolio of optical communication products, including passive optical network, or PON, subsystems, optical transceivers used in the enterprise, access, and metropolitan segments of the market, as well as other optical components, modules, and subsystems. In particular, Fiberinthebox products include optical subsystems used in fiber-to-the-premise, or FTTP, deployments which many telecommunication service providers are using to deliver video, voice, and data services.

The global, vertically-integrated business model and expertise in optical design enables Fiberinthebox to rapidly deliver market-leading, high performance fiber optic components and subsystems. The R&D and engineering teams provide strong innovative capability , who have core technical knowledge ranging from optoelectronic device, optical subassembly, and module design, to product and manufacturing process development expertise. With over 200 employees primarily in Dong Guan and ShenZhen, we can serve the customers and distribution partners around the world fast. What's more, our custom service and wholesale service save customers' time and money, making customers enjoy personalization.

Company Name and Address in Hong Kong - Fiberinthebox Co Limited, OFFICE 1002A, 10/F., GINZA SQUARE, 567 NATHAN ROAD, KOWLOON, HONGKONG.

How Fiberinthebox Delivers the Best Service

What makes it work is the combination of service and technology, all from one company.

Online orders
Custom service
Wholesale service
High technology in factory

The services help customers buy personalized products with least time and money, safely and usefully.


Why Fiberinthebox

We make decisions based on our beliefs, and what we believe is that we can change the way of the world’s life style. Yes, we are proud of our high quality products, our considerable service, our advance technology, above all, we are featured by our belief--change the world, and make the world closer!


Who Fiberinthebox Serve
Internet & Ethernet Exchanges
Mobile Operators
Finance, Healthcare, Research & Education
Utilities & Transportation
Government and Military
Enterprise, access, and metropolitan
Our Mission Statement
Fiberinthebox is committed to make our customers, employees, suppliers, and investors be proud of the quality of the products and services we provide, and the long-term satisfaction is our final goal. We care about our customers, and do our best to provide perfect solutions to solve their problems;We support our employees and enable them to create a rewarding and innovative culture; We trust our suppliers, and together with them to make the industry clear; We are responsible for our investors, and mak the best use of every penny.

Fiberinthebox has introduced final-test innovations to optimize power consumption, cut down material waste and limit energy, space, cabling, and cooling requirements.“Design for the environment” philosophy has been incorporated in new product development processes. And we help our customers embrace eco-sustainability by offering “green” product solutions.