Lifetime warranty

Significance of
Lifetime Warranty

To deliver worry free operation and eliminate the cost associated with out of warranty repairs, Fiberinthebox offers a Lifetime Warranty as a standard feature across all major product lines.

Free Repair and
Shipping during Warranty

Fiberinthebox 's standard Lifetime Warranty provides customers with return to factory repairs for Fiberinthebox products that fail under the conditions of the warranty coverage. The warranty covers parts and labor needed to repair manufacturing defects that occur during the warranty period. We also will cover the costs of shipping warranty-related repairs from our customers to Fiberinthebox and from us to our customers.

Fast Return
after Repair

We Pay much attention to the time of repair, in order to serve our customers well, the defect products usually will be shipped back to the customer within 30 days of arrival at a Fiberinthebox repair center.


In addition, all users that register their product warranty can email to, or just call +86 755 8300 3611 to get technical support. This kind of service has no time limit, and Fiberinthebox welcome customers' feedback very much.

Meaning of
Lifetime Warranty

The lifetime is the serviceable life of the product. This is defined as the period during which spare parts (components) are available or for a minimum of one year from the date of manufacture(except for some cables), whichever is the longer. Should the product prove to be irreparable, Fiberinthebox reserves the right to substitute an equivalent product.

Lifetime Warranty
in Fiberinthebox

Just as the the foregoing saying, Fiberinthebox provide serviceable lifetime of the products. So different products have different serviceable lifetime. According to different materials and workmanships, usage rate, the availability of the spare parts are varied from different products. In Fiberinthebox, CWDM/DWDM Serials and Optic Splitter enjoy a ten years serviceable lifetime warranty, Transceivers have a five years serviceable lifetime warranty, Network Interface Cards is three years serviceable lifetime warranty. The cables are consumable, they can enjoy a 60 Days Exchange and Return Policy. The rest items usually enjoy one year warranty.

Reasonable Cost
out of Warranty

For many years, we offered additional warranty coverage and fiber optic communication products maintenance benefits through our specical service. With our standard serviceable lifetime warranty, that extra year of coverage is no longer necessary? But those great maintenance features are still as useful as ever -- and available at a reasonable cost.

Availability of
Lifetime Warranty

Fiberinthebox products carry a lifetime parts and labor warranty, that is, Fiberinthebox warrants to the original purchaser of each new product that the product will be free from defective materials and workmanship. Purchaser's sole remedy for any such defect shall be repair or replacement, at our discretion, of any unit of our manufacture, which under normal installation, use and service, exhibits such defect: provided that the unit is delivered to us or our authorized service center in the same condition as originally provided for our examination, within the serviceable lifetime of the product for which it was purchased by its original purchaser and provided that such examination discloses, in our judgement, that it is thus defective.

This warranty does not extend to any products which have been subjected to misuse, neglect, accident, fire, flood, physical damage, incorrect wiring not of our doing, improper installation or testing, unauthorized modification, use in violation of instructions furnished by us or repair by an unauthorized third party.