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8 Slots 10G SFP & 1 Slot XFP FITB-OEO800-TMUX-10G Optical Muxponder Service Board

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FITB-OEO800-TMUX-10G Optical Muxponder Service Board

FITB-OEO800-TMUX-10G is a kind of Muxponder service board developed by Fiberinthebox. It can transparently gather 8*1.25G data to 1*10G data, which can tremendously save room for DWDM modules and fiber resources, strengthen stability, as well as save cost.

Key Features
It provides 8 standard SFP slots and 1 XFP slot 8 GE po s at the client side are isolated from each other It suppo s statistics on error packet of each po It suppo s loopback setting of the client side and the line side It suppo s SNMP network managementIt adopts time-division multiplexing technology GE po sources are available for option
Front Panel Appearance
Valid Slots
The FITB-OEO800-MUX(10G) board occupies one slot.
Valid Slots in the Sub-racks
a. In the OEO802 chassis, valid slots of the board are SLOT1 and SLOT2.
b. In the FITB-OEO800-I chassis, valid slots of the board are SLOT2 to SLOT4.
c. In the FITB-OEO800-II chassis, valid slots of the board are SLOT2 to SLOT8.
d. In the FITB-OEO800-V chassis, valid slots of the board are SLOT1 to SLOT15.
MUX (10G) achieves multiplexing of eight Gigabit Ethernet service to a 10G link, thereby reduces wavelength requirements of the WDM system. There are 8 pluggable SFP po s at the client side and1 pluggable XFP po at the line side.

Working Principle and Signal Flow

include electrical specifications, optical specifications, laser level, mechanical specifications and power consumption.

Transmission Rate


Client Side 1000BaseFX、1000BaseTX
Line Side 10.3Gbps in private frame format
Transmission Interface


Client Side 8 pluggable SFP
Line Side 1 pluggable XFP
Operating Environment


Temperature -10 to 50 °C
Humidity 5 to 95%
Power Consumption


Power Consumption of Boards <15W