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EOC - Ethernet over Coax Slave Side Unit

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EOC - Ethernet over Coax Slave Side Unit
EOC solutions for broadcast and TV can make a full use of current network coaxial cable, which can decrease the cost of net-building. And the solution has advantages of easy construction, less operation and fast reconstruction. The noise in coaxial network cannot influence the system transmission quality. Low cost of terminal equipment can decrease the investment of customers.
EOC terminal is high bandwidth coaxial-based Ethernet modulation equipment. It is often located in customer side of coaxial network, and uplinks with Master and downlinks with PC or set-top box. It can constitute high-speed interconnected access network or interactive TV network with ability of bidirectional transmission. Its system shares network with CATV and DVB. It adapts to current FHC.
Functional Features
TV and bidirectional data can be transmitted over one coaxial cable at the same time, so it simplifies the bidirectional reconstruction of HFC networkUses current broadcast and TV HFC network to provide the customers with digital TV, interactive TV and broadband service Easy construction, plug-and-play, fast deployment, no need for repaving cable and interrupting persons Bidirectional maximum bandwidth can be 100M; the ability of anti-noise is much higher than Cable Modem; can operate under the abominable network environmentSmall volume, low weight, adapts to family, corridor and district constructionSafe and reliable, stable operation, economy and practicalTV po can be compliant with all the mainstream CATV equipment such as splitter, TV set and optical emitter, etc.Data po can be compliant with all the Ethernet equipment such as switch, router, IP set-top box, PC and etc.Embedded system, which can set all the management configuration, such as setting IP and password, through HTTP landing