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20dBm Gain C-band 40 Channels Pre-Amplifier EDFA for DWDM Networks

Model#: DWDM-EDFA-PA-G20
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DWDM EDFA 40 channels Optical Pre-Amplifier DWDM-EDFA-PA-G20

Fiberinthebox DWDM-EDFA-PA-G20 Pre-Amplifier EDFA is a high-gain module for amplifiying low input level signals that operates at the receiving end of an optical link. It is designed for optical amplification to compensate for losses in a demultiplexer located near the optical receiver. Using a high gain design, this module provides up to 20 dBm gain with a 4.5 dB noise figure. Software control is standard via an RS-232 interface for status monitoring and pump current adjustments.


Pre-Amplifier, carries whole C-Band 1528nm ~ 1561nm of 40 channel on metro DWDM distance extension or single wavelength distance extension application 100GHz channel spacing Output Power: 1 dBm Gain: 20 dBmLow Noise Figure: Typical 4.5dBHigh Flatness: Typical 1dB19” 1RU rack enclosureSC/UPC, SC/APC, FC/UPC, FC/APC, LC/UPC, LC/APC , ST/UPC and ST/APC connectors are availableSingle or dual 100-240VAC and/or -48DC power supplyReliable 980nm and 1480nm pump lasers 10 years of operation life3 years warranty standardCompatible with Telecordia GR-1312-COREOEM is available
Perfect Network Interface: Ethernet, RS-485 and RS-232 po Suppo Telnet AGC (automatic gain control) maintains constant gain for each channel in the aggregated optical signal according to the gain parameter setting as long as the total output power does not exceed the maximum rated value, we can also make it as APC (automatic power control) circuit, if you need it, please contact at GFF (gain flattening filters) assures a flat gain response across the entire C-band and input power rangeProvides automatic power shutdown when aggregate input falls below the thresholdEmploy the intelligent temperature control system, the fan is on when the module temperature over 45?, meanwhile it will stop as the temperature is under 40?, which makes sure the thermal stability and fan’s long life-time, meanwhile, the professional air flow design can also ensure the best temperature stabilitySNMP network management is to provide a graphical user interface (GUI) to control the modules in realistic windows that model the devices
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The DWDM EDFA from Fiberinthebox including 1+2+3.
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Parameter Performance Unit
Operating Wavelength 40 channels 1528~1561 nm
Input Power Booster Amplifier -5~+10 dBm
In-line Amplifier -25~-10 dBm
Pre-Amplifier -35~-25 dBm
Output Power Max 23 dBm
Noise Figure Booster Amplifier 4.5 dB
In-line Amplifier 4.5 dB
Pre-Amplifier 4.5 dB
Gain Flatness 1 dB
Isolation Input Min 30 dB
Output Min 30 dB
Polarization Dependent Gain(PDG) Max 0.5 dB
Power Consumption   Max 15 W
Operating Temperature     0~50 ?
Operating Humidity     10~85 %
Storage Temperature     -40~70 ?
?: 110VAC,220VAC, 100~240VAC and -48VDC are optional