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400GBASE CDFP Optical Fiber Transceiver Module

SKU#: FITB0065915EWV
Model#: CDFP-400G-XX

400GBASE CDFP Optical Fiber Transceiver Module

InfiniBand applications
CDFP Multi-Source Agreement
Electrical inF-tonerface: OIF-CEI-28G
Ethernet 802.3 4x CAUI-4
High-speed interconnects within and between switches, routers and transpo equipment
Server-server clusters, super-computing interconnections
Proprietary backplanes
Interconnects rack-to-rack, shelf-to-shelf, boardto-board,board-to-optical backplane
High-speed inputs are AC-coupled to a floatinginput termination
Programmable CTLE compensation for non ideal PCB prope ies
The output stage is current-mode-logic and provides 50 ohm back-terminations
The CML output allows for adjustable amplitude and pre-emphasis control


16 independently addressable transmit and receive channels, 400 Gbps full duplex AOC
Industry leading, lowest DC power per bit (6 Watts per AOC end)
100 meter reach over multimode fiber
No optical connectors to clean or maintain
Proven 850nm VCSEL technology
Dense packaging and minimal PCB footprint
Reference free CDR circuits on both receiver and transmitF-toner
Independent CDR enable/disable
Transmitter input equalizers that can compensaF-tone for up to 12 dB at 12.9 GHz
Configurable electrical output data amplitude and pre-emphasis
Electrically z-pluggable, allowing po population on demand
Electrically hot-pluggable
Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface allows customer management and monitoring of key modules parameters