The optical power meter test is unstable or the probe can not receive light

(1) the end of the detector in the optical power meter interface may be dirty?

Please use a clean cotton swab dipped in a little alcohol for cleaning.

(2) Is the correct connector or access connector damaged?

Use a good quality connector to properly access the test.

(3) whether the lack of electricity caused by?

Replace the battery with a new test.

(4) test, the measured device optical path is too curved or in a jitter state?

Make sure that the measured light path is not overly bent before testing and is in a quiescent state.

(5) power meter inside the detector damage or fragmentation?

Please contact the after-sales service staff to return to the factory maintenance.

(6) is the correct choice of optical power meter detection type (instrument model)? General optical power meter according to the actual test optical power (signal) size is divided into different model categories.